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I let this site go awhile ago, mainly because I got into a relationship with the woman I later married, but I plan to try to get back into it! I do not yet know how frequently, but it won't be with any direction. I am pretty much only going to post my reviews of movies I've seen recently that I feel it is worth saying something about. There are no rules to what I will and won't or how often.
Apr. 5th, 2005 @ 11:06 pm Spanglish
Movie Grade: A
Release Date: 4/05/05 (DVD)
SpanglishWhile I wanted to hate it, I wanted to think it was dumb, I wanted so bad to not like this movie, Spanglish gave me an incredible sense of delightment.

The story of a young Mexican girl who is raised by her single mother who desparatly attempts to keep her daughter from losing her sense of culture when they are both thrown into a world of dizzying changes that threaten to compromise their relationship. Flor (Paz Vega) brings her daughter into America and while attempting to raise her and work two jobs she soon realizes she needs to spend more time at home so she goes out into the culture she was affraid of to find work. She happens upon a job as basiclly the maid for a rich white family, John and Deborah Clasky (Adam Sandler and Téa Leoni), who have troubles of their own. John is a chef trying to come to terms with the stress of his success and the stress of raising a family, while the nuiances of his wife drive him and the kids nuts. Deborah has too many issues of her own that centralize the entire movie.

When the Clasky's move for the summer and convince Flor to join them, Flor is forced to bring along her daughter Cristina and interject her directly into the culture she has strived so hard to keep her away from. Cristina loves living with the Clasky's but her mother fears the changes she will endure. Threatened by the way Deborah raises her children and fearing the affect they have on Cristina she quickly learns English so to communicate her feelings.

With all of these complicated people interacting with eachother it makes a receipe for calamity and anxious laughs ensue while the audience really hopes that all of the characters are eventually better off. Nararated by Cristina via an admissions essay to a college on a scholarship, we really get a sense of who everyone is and care deeply about all of them. Even the young daughter of John and Deborah has deep rooted issues that come out into open and are carefully mended by the amazing effect this women Flor has on all of their lives.

Adam Sandler has really come across as a man who has acting chops worth the cross over from comedy to drama like the few that have come before him. It's rare that we see this kind of performance, only matched by the likes of actors such as Robin Williams, Jim Carey, and most recently Jamie Foxx. Sandler started his accent into drama with the role he took on in Big Daddy where he plays an immature guy attempting to take on the job of raising a young boy. Punch-Drunk Love being his dramatic follow up, he solidified his place in the ranks of the afore-mentioned greats. Still not being convinced, I was weairy of another Adam Sandler movie, affraid he would mess it up with his stupid comedy. Stearing away from the annoying characters he usually plays, he showed warmth, compasion, and love in this character and it makes me wonder why he ever played roles like Bobby Boucher in The Waterboy. I really hope he takes on more roles like this in the future.

It pains me so much to give this movie an A because previously I hated Adam Sandler, but it very much deserves it. So far it's going to be a good week with two A movies out coming Tuesday. However, I seriously doubt the thrid I'll watch will receive such a grade (Elecktra).