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I let this site go awhile ago, mainly because I got into a relationship with the woman I later married, but I plan to try to get back into it! I do not yet know how frequently, but it won't be with any direction. I am pretty much only going to post my reviews of movies I've seen recently that I feel it is worth saying something about. There are no rules to what I will and won't or how often.
Apr. 12th, 2005 @ 06:54 pm Ocean's Twelve
Movie Grade: B
Release Date: 4/12/2005
Ocean's TwelveSummary:
"Why did you call it Ocean's Eleven? I thought we agreed to call it the Benedict Job?" asks one of the original eleven of Danny Ocean about the previous movie. Having gotten away with stealing millions from the owner of three casinos, each of the crew have gone their seperate ways to spend their money. Some have invested, some have blown it, other are being misers with it but now they all have to give it back. Benedict has found each of them and even though the insurance replaced his money, he doesn't like being stolen from and wants it back plus interest, or he says he will take their lives. Knowing he is a very powerful man out for blood, they oblidge and decide to make another hesit to pay off their debts--this time they go abroad.

Soon into the movie they realized that the only way Benedict knew where they were was because of a master theif named Toulour, or the Nightfox who has eluded athorities on numerous occasions. Envious or jealous or offended by Danny Ocean for something the Ocean's Eleven are unaware, he plots to get back at them by forcing them into a competion with him which he used Benedict as motivation. If they are successful at stealing a Faberge egg before he does, then he will pay their entire debt to Benedict, if not, he'll let Benedict kill them in the two weeks deadline they were given.

Competing with a master theif that wants proof that he really is the best in the world can be a daunting task, but when it's your life that's in the balance, you put your all into it and don't give up. For the crew it wasn't a mater of pride, but rather a mater of life or death.

Needing to hold up to a movie that entertained and surprised, Ocean's Tweleve had a heavy reputation to follow and did a surprisingly decent job at it. I feel that it's unfair to compare a sequel to it's predecessor when giving a review of a movie, but it's often hard to sweep your mind clean of any references of the first. In an expected disapointment, Ocean's Eleven will not be outdone even with a sequel, but none-the-less Ocean's Twelve was a very enjoyable movie. The name is a bit mis-leading though, because they don't really add a twelfth member to the crew to pull off an impossible job, in fact, it's quite the conterary, but I'll let you see that when you watch the movie.

With every character back, and each of their personalities already presented with great detail in the first movie, we unfortunatly don't get to see much of each of them in this movie, but they are all there. Instead, focused on more is the heist itself rather than the characters, which isn't really that big of a deal. The only downfall though, was that because this movie wasn't simply one heist there wasn't enough time to really develop the process in which they planned and got ready for it, instead we just kinda see them realize they need to pull it off, and then jump head first into it. This works but seems to make the movie too cluttered with stuff that needs to happen.

Adding a new love interest the film makers keep the same formula that worked so well in the first movie and add a great history with that character. Isabel (Catherine Zeta-Jones) plays an interpol agent that is on the trail of Toulour; her father was a thief who taught her the ropes but then disapeared when she was 9 where she then used what she knows to catch other thiefs. A relationship with Brad Pitt that took place sometime in the three years after the first movie he bailed on her when she got close to figureing out that he was one of the criminals she was after.

With everything coming together the movie keeps viewers entertained and wondering what's going to happen, or where the twist is going to occur. Never missing a beat and not sacraficing the feel of the first movie this is a very successful movie on it's own, but when compared to the first is second best.

Technical and Features:
The first words out of my brothers mouth after the DVD ended was, "Don't you hate those DVDs where the only special features is the trailer to the movie you just watched?" and when I looked up on the screne that was percisely what this was. Lacking when they could have really gave the viewers some good meet on the behind the scenes of coming up with a script for a sequel to a movie that was a remake would have been insightful, especially knowing that this was a script for a heist movie that was adapted into a sequel using the Ocean's Eleven characters. It would have been very interesting to hear how the writers took that original screenplay and adapted it to work for this situation. Of course nothing of the sort was on the DVD and I'm sure we'll never hear that story.

Givining this movie a B</b> is a good solid grade for it. It wasn't amazing A work and it wasn't mediocre C work, it was a very obvious B. Worth watching on it's own, and worth experiencing if you were a fan of the first movie.
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Date:April 8th, 2005 10:36 am (UTC)
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That movie was so worth an A. Not as good as the first one, but damn close.
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Date:April 10th, 2005 02:59 pm (UTC)
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I just felt it was too cluttered, too much going on and needed to be told in the hour and a half they allowed. We had the interpol agents story, Brad Pitts back story, Benedicts reason for finding them, him finding each of them, their realization they need to do more than one job, them getting a job, them planning and pulling off the first job, the story of the french theif, his reason for wanting to prove his talent, planning the egg job, pulling off the egg job, and then wrapping everything up... simplified would have done it better.

The first movie had a lot less to do, so they had much more time to elaborate on everything that was being done and make sure the auidence was right there with them. More plot and character development.