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I let this site go awhile ago, mainly because I got into a relationship with the woman I later married, but I plan to try to get back into it! I do not yet know how frequently, but it won't be with any direction. I am pretty much only going to post my reviews of movies I've seen recently that I feel it is worth saying something about. There are no rules to what I will and won't or how often.
Apr. 19th, 2005 @ 07:48 pm House of Flying Daggers
Movie Grade: A
Release Date: 4/19/2005
House of Flying DaggersBeautiful, amazing, and touching - House of Flying Daggers is like a ballet with swords and a story that reaches the core of your soul.

As are many of the movies coming out of China these days with ballet like choreography and stories with heart, House of Flying Daggers is set in ancient China with a corrupt goverment and heros who chose to fight back. Suspending reality, these wire-fu movies tell tales of what in our western culture we concider superheros of people with amazing abilities that fight for a cause. Taking hold of the American market, the first of these movies to come this way was Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. A huge success winning best foreign film at the Acadamy Awards it paved the way for other movies to enter our theaters. With director Zhang Yimou first brining us the great story of a man who chose to go against his emperor in Hero, he now brings us this story of love in House of Flying Daggers.

The lieteral translation is "Ambush From Ten Sides" and is a story about deception and love and betrayal. Zhang Ziyi (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Hero) plays Mei, a blind assasin plotting revenge for the death of her father, the former leader of the Houe of Flying Daggers, is captured by the officers of the goverment. Jin, an officer, is instructed by his superior, Leo, to break Mei out and have her lead him to the Flying Daggers. Oblidging and deceiving Mei into thinking he is falling in love with her, he takes her into the woods to get away and in the process actually does fall for her, despite Leo's warnings to not actually fall for her.

How the hell do the Chinesse keep coming up with such amazing fight scenes? Where the hell has Hollywoods art for action gone? Deffinitly the masters of the fight this movie is absolutly engaging, the story of love is intense and the fights epic. When it comes to movies like this all I can do is encourage anyone who has an issue with subtitles to get over it and watch this movie. Every time you pass up a movie because you will have to read the text, you are missing something worth while. Me and my brother came up with a theory awhile ago that if here in America, the home of Hollywood where movies are pumped out so often that it's rare to find a good one, a forign film makes it's way into the main stream, it must be good. There has to be something about movies from other countries that are so impressive that they get distribution where the film market if so flooded outside of their own countries, that they are worth our time to persue.

This is one such movie.

Technical and Features:
Compared to American fight movies, this is phenomenal because any computer animation is faint and the predominante technology used to do the unbelievable is phyically there during shooting. With the advant and advancement of computer animation film makers have gotten lazy and when they go threw the extra time nessisary to make something work in the realm of the real and not resort to the realm of digital, then they automatically get more respect in my book.

My review speaks for itself and no explanation is needed for why I'm giving this an A.
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Date:April 8th, 2005 06:12 pm (UTC)
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Hells yeah, that movie kicked ass except for the ending. Lori and I left the theater saying, "What the fuck??" Her more so than me. . .