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Mike's Movie Reviews

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Mikes Movie Reviews
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I work for Blockbuster so I get DVDs the week before they come out. My intention is to provide the best reviews I can of each of the movies I happen to get my hands on before they hit the shelves so people have a better judgment of the movie and DVD extras before purchasing.

I will not limit my reviews to just new DVDs as I am also an avid movie watcher. I don't see many movies in the theater, but I will post any reviews of them that I see. I will also post reviews of other movies I happen to watch that are not new releases.

New Releases will be the only thing I gaurentee reviews of though.

My goal is to post at least one new DVD release review a week, perferably on Thursday or Fridays. All DVDs are released on Tuesdays though, so that's when the reviews will be dated for. I will always have the review out at very latest that Monday before it is released. I may not always get a chance to review the special features though.

SO! Enjoy and feel free to add this community to your friends page and read along every week. I may post as often as every day, or as infrequent as once a week, but you will be sure to have my opinion of the movies, with nothing held back. (I of course will do my best to never reveal any spoilers.)

Movies are rated on a letter grade scale.

A+ is a movie everyone must see, made perfect with no flaws, is incredibly entertaining, original, that I would want to watch over and over again never getting bored. Very few movies will achieve this rating. These movies will easily be lumped into my "Top 20" list (which, ironiclly, is much larger than 20 movies long.)

Every other grade will be without plus and minuses and simply go like this:

A means I loved it.
I deffinitly recommened these movies and enjoyed them immensely. There were no glareing flaws or reasons I might not watch it again.

B means I liked it.
These were good movies, but for one reason or another might not be a movie I recommened or watch again.

C means I thought it was OK.
These movies do not leave me feeling disapointed, but do not do much for me either. If someone asked me to recommened a C movie I wouldn't tell them I hated it, and I wouldn't tell them I loved it... it's just that, C quality.

D means I didn't really like it.
They disapointed me. I may have felt they had potential but let me down or maybe I just thought they sucked. It's also very possible I just didn't think it was a movie for me. D's do not mean that I hated the movie or that I don't think anybody would enjoy them; after all, there are people with no taste in the world.

F is a movie I hate.
You know it's bad. I would never recommend them, and don't understand how anybody likes them, let alone how they got made.

You can see my personal journal at magicgoof if you wish.